Committed to a Custom-Build

Today I ‘bit the bullet’ and made the commitment to have a vehicle custom-built to my specifications by Patterson Off-Road, a company based in Hartlepool, England,  that refurbishes and rebuilds Land Rovers.

Colin, at Pattersons, will now begin looking for a suitable Land Rover Defender 110 with a 300Tdi engine that will be the base vehicle for the build. That vehicle will then be stripped down and a new galvanised chassis will be fitted. The engine will be reconditioned, the gearbox will be overhauled, the bodywork will be sorted, as necessary, and all of the requested modifications will be added.

As I am in no hurry to have the vehicle completed, Colin has the luxury of taking extra time to prepare the vehicle and to ensure that everything is done right. Whilst a normal refurbished vehicle will usually take him 12 to 14 weeks to complete, the extra mods on this vehicle will take longer. This vehicle will probably be completed around January 2012.

Photos will be provided as the build progresses and they’ll be posted on this site. I’m looking forward to seeing the Defender take shape.

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