Vehicle Specs Adjusted

As a result of feedback provided to me and after discussions with Colin at Patterson’s, we have decided to modify the build specifications for the vehicle.

One of the key changes is to switch from a 300TDi engine to a slightly older 200TDi. The 300TDi is known to be quieter than the 200 and ‘more refined’ but the 200 has a reputation for being more reliable. Considering that we will be travelling half-way around the world, reliability is an important consideration. The 200TDi will be rebuilt and mated with an LT77 gearbox that will be reconditioned by Ashcroft’s. A later Land Rover Discovery transfer box will be fitted with a higher gearbox ratio. This should slightly improve top-end speed whilst reducing engine noise somewhat.

As we are switching to a 200TDi engine, another new chassis needs to be ordered as the engine and gearbox mounts are different on 300TDi’s.

Plans for the suspension have also changed. The vehicle will no longer be ‘lifted’ by two inches and we’ll be using Land Rover components rather than after-market as they will be readily available in many countries across the world. We’ve also ditched plans to fit an X-Eng anti-roll bar.

We are continuing to fine-tune the specifics for other parts of the build. Colin has been very accommodating in discussing and agreeing to changes along the way.

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