33 Countries and 20,000 Miles

I have now mapped out the expedition route which will visit 33 countries and cover at least 20,000 miles. That averages out to about 110 miles per day over the six-month duration of the trip.

I have created the route using Garmin’s World Map CD that provides distances between each town or waypoint as well as the cumulative distance for the entire trip. The distances are provided ‘as the crow flies’ between each town or waypoint and totalled 19,469 for the entire trip. Actual driving distances will be longer than those provided by the software, so it will certainly exceed 20,000 miles.

Details of the route can be found by clicking on the Expedition Route tab above. Or, if you prefer to view the route on an interactive map, you can click here

We can expect to use between 666 gallons (based on 30 mpg) to 1,000 gallons (based on 20 mpg) of diesel on the trip. Assuming a price of 6 euros per gallon, the fuel cost could range from 4,000 to 6,000 euros ($5,500 to $8,300).

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