Vehicle Update

Having spoken with Colin, it sounds like the vehicle refurbishment is progressing. The Discovery 200TDi engine has been fitted. The gearbox has been returned from Ashcrofts where it was refurbished and has now been fitted along with a Discovery transfer box. A 48 litre additional fuel tank has been fitted in the rear offside wing – it is causing a slight problem with the roll cage which may have to be modified to fit now that the tank is partially obstructing it. Some work has also been done to build the rear storage boxes and a search is on to find a decent TD5 dashboard to replace the original.

Solar Panel

I’ve been advised that an 80 watt solar panel should be sufficient to keep things running during two-day layovers. Before ordering a panel, the available roof space (avoiding the sun roof and the roll-cage) will be measured so that the appropriate sized panel can be selected.

Tubed or Tubeless Tyres?

There’s a slight conflict in that I asked for Wolf wheels and BF Goodrich AT tyres. The Wolf wheels are designed for tubed tyres whereas the BFGs are tubeless. Research shows that there are pros and cons for both tubed and tubeless tyres on an overland trip. As we already have the Wolf wheels, I’m happy to go with tubed tyres – if suitable tubed tyres are available. Otherwise, we may have to select different wheels so that the BFG tubeless tyres can be used. I wish to avoid using inner tubes inside tubeless tyres.

Air Conditioning

Completion of the air-conditioning may be postponed until after our first shakedown trip. This will allow me to visit the Red Dot dealer in England to determine for myself whether the Red Dot R2000 is the best option.

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