First Shake-down Trip

Colin has confirmed that the vehicle will be completed by June. Work was slowed a little due to the snag with the roll cage not fitting correctly due to the positioning of the auxiliary fuel tank on the rear wing. The roll cage is being re-fabricated so that it will fit. Once the roll cage is fitted, we’ll know how much space we have available for a roof-mounted solar panel.

I’ll be heading over to England in June to pick up the vehicle for the first time. I’ll then be kitting it out with some camping equipment ready for its first trip. I’m hoping to also fit in some off-road driver training. In early July, Mikki and I will take the vehicle on the ferry to Europe and will drive through France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. That will give us our first taste of travelling and living in a Land Rover, highlighting any issues that need to be addressed with either the vehicle or our equipment.

With the first trip looming, I now have to plan an approximate route, research camp-sites and book airline & ferry tickets. I also have to decide what camping equipment to buy, such as tent, mattress, cooking equipment, etc.

Looking forward to it!!


    1. Hi Carol,

      Yes, we hope to provide updates along the way, together with photos. It will be an opportunity to practice ‘blogging as we go’ in preparation for the big trip.

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