Fridge Won’t Fit!

I received another build update today from Colin. Work is on schedule for the vehicle to be completed by June when we take our first shake-down trip.


A sticking point involved the Engel MT45 fridge that I had requested. They have tried several times to get the fridge installed behind the driver’s seat but it is just too big for the available space due to the sleeping platform. We will therefore research the dimensions of other fridges and select something else that will fit.

Wolf Wheels and Tyres

The Wolf wheels are currently fitted with some Michelin tyres that are similar to the Avon tyres that were standard issue for Wolf wheels. We are going to give these tyres a try during our first trip. If we don’t like them, alternate tyres will be sourced and fitted.


I will now be ordering some custom made mattresses that will fit into the available space on the sleeping platform. They will be 6 inches thick, incorporating 3 inches of memory foam and 3 inches of standard foam. That should provide a sufficiently comfortable place to sleep during our journeys.

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