Insurance Cancelled!

I got an annoying e-mail today from ‘Be Wiser’ insurance brokers who cancelled my insurance coverage!

When I asked for the quote I made full disclosure over the fact that I’m not a UK resident and was assured that they could provide coverage. They scanned the insurance companies that they deal with and provided me with a policy from Octane, charged my credit card and we were all set – or so I thought! Then I had to send in a copy of my UK driving licence. The address (from 1984) doesn’t match the address on the policy where the vehicle will be kept, so they asked me to change the address. I reiterated that I’m living in Bermuda and also provided my Bermuda licence. Now they tell me that none of their insurance companies cover non-UK residents and that the policy has been cancelled (with a full refund).

Fortunately, I still had  the quote for temporary coverage for a HIC Walkabout policy so I quickly called them back and took out one month of coverage to see me through my imminent trip. 260 quid for one month but at least I’m covered.

When I get back from the trip I’ll start the search again for annual cover.


    1. Hi JT – yes, it sometimes seems that way. Very frustrating but thank goodness for Herts Insurance and their Walkabout policy that is specifically designed for people who travel extensively through foreign countries with their vehicles. Without them I would have been stuck!

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