My Defender Has Moved to Somerset

After about a year in the hands of Patterson Off Road in Hartlepool, and still being a long way from completion, the vehicle has now been moved to Somerset for completion. The vehicle is now in the hands of Matt, someone who comes very highly recommended for his knowledge of Land Rovers. Matt is now in the process of assessing what has been done and what still needs to be done to get the vehicle ready.

I had great results by utilising the online company to obtain the services of a transport company. Potential customers enter the type of vehicle that they need shipping and the post-codes of the pick-up location and the destination. Shiply then offers the job for bids from professional transport companies who bid against each other to get the job. The first offer I received was about 495 UK pounds but after about three days, bids were down around the 300 pound range. I waited a few more days and there was another flurry of bidding with lower bids coming in. I finally settled on a bid of 235 pounds from a company called Van-It-UK, which I think is a very good rate considering the distance involved. Communication with the shipper was very good. They picked up the Defender from Hartlepool and delivered it to Somerset a couple of days later. This worked very well for me as it would have been difficult to otherwise obtain competitive bids from UK truckers when I am located in Bermuda. I would certainly use Shiply again for any vehicle transportation jobs in the UK.

The preliminary report from Matt isn’t very positive. It seems that there is more work to be done on the vehicle than I realised. The picture should become clearer once Matt has had time to conduct a thorough inspection. Whilst I may be facing more expense in preparing the Defender, I take great comfort in knowing that it is now in the hands of an expert who will give me an honest assessment.

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