Review – Bushpig Braai

The Bushpig Braai is a South African design that is built in the UK. It is sold on e-bay (UK) but details can be found on the Bushpig website –

Bushpig braai with barbecue charcoal alight

The basic braai comes with a metal grid that sits on the top. The basic grid would be fine if you will only rest cooking pots on it but I don’t think it is well suited to grilling as the grid size is too large. However, there are optional extras to meet grilling requirements. You can purchase three different replacements for the standard grid: a cooking grill; a solid fry-plate; or a combined grill and fry plate.

I purchased the combined cooking grill and fry-plate which replaced the standard grid. My standard grid already had rust forming on it when it arrived and, as mentioned above, isn’t really designed for cooking on. The braai lid won’t fit with both the standard grid and the optional cooking grill in place so the standard grid needs to be replaced by the optional cooking surface (if you buy one).

Bushpig braai with optional ‘grill and fry’ cooking area

This photo shows the braai with the ‘grill and fry’ cooking surface fitted. The braai is large enough to take a skillet or a cooking pot and still leave space for grilling (or frying). The fold-out legs keep the braai above ground level when in use but provide a compact size for packing into the vehicle. The lid fits tight enough to deprive the coals of oxygen, so unused coals can be ‘put out’ and re-used at a later date. The ‘locking’ lid also allows the braai to be transported with coals inside without worrying about them spilling out.

When I first tried to use the braai, I used ‘ready to light’ barbecue coals purchased in the UK but I couldn’t get them to burn fully. It’s possible that they were just poor quality coals. Once I switched to the European-style barbecue charcoal that was available in France, with the associated lighting foam, the braai worked very well. The braai worked well using a skillet to stir fry vegetables on the ‘fry’ side and for cooking meat on the ‘grill’ side.

I found that it was easy to scratch the black paint on the braai when packing it in the vehicle with other stuff. A useful option would be a storage bag or sack that protects the painted surfaces during transportation. I’ll probably look for a canvas or hessian sack for this purpose before the next trip.

The cost of the braai with ‘grill and fry’ cooking surface and shipping to a UK address was 79.50 GBP. I was very happy with the braai on our first trip and it will be travelling with us on future trips.


Bush Pig is now selling a custom-made braai cover for 20 pounds. I’ve just ordered one and look forward to using it on our summer camping trip to the Alps.

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