New Batteries and Seats

With the Defender in Matt’s hands in Somerset, I’ve begun the process of buying some of the outstanding items for it.

Pattersons removed the only battery from the Defender before it was shipped to Somerset, so that was the most pressing requirement. I therefore ordered a couple of Optima batteries – a Red Top 8002-250 as the main vehicle battery for starting/charging and a Yellow Top 8014-254 as the deep-cycle leisure battery to run the fridge, etc. Optima batteries come highly recommended and, being physically smaller than standard lead-acid batteries, they will both fit into the Defender’s under-seat battery box.

Stangely, Pattersons also sent the vehicle with only one seat fitted (the driver’s seat). Upgraded front seats are part of the spec list so I decided to purchase seats from Exmoor Trim as they are well regarded as a well-made and comfortable seat. Exmoor Trim’s top-of-the-line model is the Elite seat which have a retail price of 848 GB Pounds per pair.

Exmoor Trim Elite seat in Moorland fabric

I was able to buy a brand-new pair of these seats direct from Exmoor Trim (via e-bay) for only 610 GBP as they are considered ‘seconds’. The Moorland fabric pattern is slightly skewed so it cannot be sold at full price. This minor defect doesn’t impact the comfort of the seat but provides a decent discount over the full retail price (see actual seat in the photo).

Exmoor Trim make cubby boxes with matching Moorland trim so I anticipate purchasing one of those also – I just have to decide between their standard wooden cubby box and the metal ‘Loc-Box’.

The Defender was sent without a headliner or interior door panels so they are also on the shopping list. Also on the list are a roof-mounted solar panel and an Engel fridge-freezer.

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