Independent Inspection Reveals the Extent of Problems

I have recently received a report from Matt in Somerset following his independent inspection to determine what work had been carried out and what was outstanding on the Defender. I knew that the vehicle needed a lot of work but I wasn’t aware of how bad things were.

The inspection revealed a range of shoddy workmanship and concluded that it was far from suitable for its intended purpose. So much work would be required to bring this vehicle to the required standard that it would not be financially viable. The only value that the vehicle has is the sum total of its parts. It has been described as “a shell containing mis-matched parts rather than a complete vehicle.”

I realised that the only rational way forward was to purchase another base vehicle and try to salvage some of the parts from this vehicle. Any items that cannot be transferred over will have to be sold to recoup some of the money I have spent on it. I have paid significantly more money to Pattersons than the vehicle is actually worth and will now be seeking a refund from them.


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  1. Pattersons really really need to hang their heads in utter shame, be shamed and recompense you fully for all the hassle stress, financial loss and disappointment. BUT I have a bad feeling it will be a hard and difficult journey for you to achieve it :-((

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