X-Eng Security Products

Having purchased the County Station Wagon, I’ve now turned my attention towards acquiring items for upgrading the vehicle. One of the first considerations has been security, as Land Rover Defenders are frequently stolen in the UK.

I had initially planned to install an alarm system but, on reflection, they are prone to causing problems and can sometimes be by-passed. Rather than have to deal with faulty electrics whilst in the middle of nowhere, I decided that I would opt for good vehicle security products rather than an alarm. David recommended the X-Eng security range and once I saw what was available I quickly decided that they would suit my requirements perfectly.

I have now purchased the following three X-Eng products and am confident that they will present a formidable challenge to would-be thieves.

X-Defend Pedal

The first item is the X-Defend Pedal which is a stainless steel plate that can flip up and lock in place over the pedals, preventing the the clutch (or other pedals) being depressed. It can be locked in place in seconds and easily released with a key.

X-Defend Gear

The second item is the X-Defend Gear which is a high-strength steel tube that secures both gear sticks together, preventing either from being moved. By using this in conjunction with the pedal lock, it makes the vehicle difficult to drag away as it is locked in 5th gear and the clutch pedal cannot be depressed to change gear.

X-Defend Column

The third item is the X-Defend Column which is a steel sleeve for the steering lock column. It is designed to prevent thieves from breaking or removing the lock barrel in order to start the vehicle. This is a fit-and-forget item as it remains in place permanently.

These photos have been obtained from the X-Eng website at www.x-eng.co.uk. Once the items have been installed and tested on my vehicle I will post a review.


  1. Looks like really good stuff and I totally concur with our idea of simple to prevent failure or having the ability to be bypassed if electronic.

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