More Parts Ordered

The Defender County Station Wagon is now ready to be delivered to Causeway 4×4 for some upgrades to be done, so I’ve been busy researching and ordering a variety of parts for it.

Land Rover Defenders are known to be quite noisy inside the vehicle so, as we will be spending a lot of time driving, I decided to get some sound-proofing installed. Having considered the available options, I decided to purchase the full kit from Noise Killer.

The vehicle will be shod with black steel modular wheels and Continental Cross Contact tyres (235/85 x 16) that come very highly recommended by David. The best price I could find for the tyres was at Camskill, so a set of five is on its way from them.

As part of the suspension upgrade, I considered several brands of shocks and eventually settled on a set of Bilstein gas shocks from Famous Four. They will be mated with new Land Rover springs.

I’ve also finally ordered my Engel MT45 fridge/freezer from MPS Trading Ltd. I had previously planned to get an Engel fitted to my first Defender on my way to the Dover ferry in the summer. Simon at MPS was very helpful but, due to Pattersons failing to get the vehicle ready, I was unable to get the fridge.  Once I contacted Simon again to buy the Engel for this vehicle he was again very helpful, particularly in advising me on the accessories that will be required to fit the fridge into the Defender.

There are still some parts that I will be ordering myself and there are others that Causeway will be sourcing. But it feels good to know that the plan is coming together and that the vehicle will be suitably upgraded for overlanding.


  1. Hi Bermuda Rover. I’m still following your blog, and enjoy reading about what you are purchasing and fitting. The Engel MT 45, brilliant piece of kit, I’ve had mine over 5 years, I bought the insulated jacket and sliding tray fitting with mine, came with the 240 / 115v mains lead as well, for operation out of the car. I do find it does give off an awful lot of heat when it is working hard in hot climates, but having cold milk and beer is worth it. Your choice of tyres Continental Cross Contact ? I’ve read and spoke with an awful lot of people who have had them fitted on Range Rovers, Freelanders, and various Jap machines, they all complain about the quick wear rate at very low mileage, it may be that the heat over here breaks them down quicker. My hard working 90 is fitted with BFG A/T, very little wear at 36 k. Our Freelanders are fitted with the Geolander A/T from Yokohama. 13 k and 19 k, respectively, tyres still look like new, excellent on road and in the wet manners, and well above average off road capability .

    1. Thanks Brian. I’ve only heard good things about the Engel fridge. It has a very good reputation. I’m not going with the sliding tray myself – going to have it ‘permanently’ fitted behind the driver’s seat (second row seats will be removed). MPS also sell replacement hinges for the rear passenger doors that allow them to open a full 90 degrees for better access. Also, with the fridge in that position, the front seat passenger should be able to reach back and access cold drinks whilst we are driving (or at least without getting out of the truck during brief stops).

      BFG A/T tyres were actually on my original spec list but I opted for the Continentals after David reviewed them in LRM. He was super impressed by them. The review won’t have addressed the rate of wear, so that’s new info to me. I’ll have to see how they go. With tyres, it seems like there’s always a trade off between grippiness and wear (that’s the case with motorcycles anyway). The tyres that have the most grip tend to also wear out quicker. Don’t know if that’s the case with the Continentals.

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