Summer in the Alps

With my leave dates now approved at work, we’re moving forward with plans for a summer vacation in the Alps. This will be a ‘shake-down trip’ that will enable us to get to grips with travelling in the Defender, so that we can determine what works and what may need tweaking, before we embark on the six-month expedition in 2014.

I’ll be spending a week in England to start the trip off. This will allow me to collect the Defender, get it kitted out, do some off-road driver training and visit family. Michele will then fly into England and we’ll head over to Europe for four weeks.

The draft itinerary sees us heading through France to Luxembourg and then south through Germany to Switzerland. We’ll spend about 10 days in the Swiss and Austrian Alps before heading into the Czech Republic to visit Prague. After Prague, we’ll head to Berlin to visit friends. We’ll then head west through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium to get the ferry from Dunkirk. There’ll be another 2-3 days in England before flying back to Bermuda.

We’ll be camping most of the time, so I now need to narrow down the selection of campsites and begin to make some bookings.

I’m hoping to be able to drive some of the stunning alpine passes in Switzerland and Austria and maybe do a bit of hiking. I’m also hoping to write a few travel articles along the way as practice for the big trip.

It looks like being a great trip and I’m really looking forward to it.

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  1. Getting ‘really’ exciting now. Especially as you now have reliable engineering support with Causeway. What dates are you in the UK ?

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