The Defender is Taking Shape

The guys at Causeway 4×4 are making progress with the upgrades to my Land Rover Defender. They sent me some photos today and it’s good to see the truck taking shape.


A Bearmach snorkel has been fitted. The new black modular steel wheels with new Continental Cross Contact tyres are now on the vehicle. Wing-top strengtheners have been fitted and a similar strengthener will be fitted to the bonnet/hood.


The Kenlowe fan has been removed and a standard fan, thermo couple and shroud have been fitted. A new radiator has also been fitted (switched over from ‘Nightmare’).


Security grilles have been switched over from ‘Nightmare’


Here is a close-up of the Continental Cross Contact tyres and the new wheels. David Lovejoy review the tyres in the September 2012 issue of Land Rover Monthly. He was so impressed with them that I decided to get them rather than the BFG A/Ts that I initially intended to buy. It looks like the Bilstein shocks and new LR springs have also been fitted.

Work has also commenced to design the rear storage area and sleeping platform, so things are moving along nicely.

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