Global Roaming Simcard

I’m hoping that the Worldsim Global Roaming Simcard is the solution to maintaining cell-phone communication without being hit with excessive roaming charges.

During our 2012 camping trip in Europe, we encountered challenges with cell-phone communication. Having been burned previously with high roaming charges when using my Bermuda simcard in Europe, I purchased a pre-paid Lebara simcard in London. All worked well whilst I was in England and I was able to easily top-up the card as needed. However, when we got into France, roaming charges quickly gobbled up the credit on the card and I found it impossible to get the card charged up again, until I got back to England.

On the way home, we bought Global Roaming Cards from the British Airways in-flight services. The advertised features of the card sound very promising:

  • Pre-paid SIM card with UK and US mobile numbers included
  • Receive calls for FREE in 90 plus countries
  • Coverage in 220 plus countries
  • Easy, anywhere, anytime credit top up, including auto top up
  • Cheap international call-forwarding
  • Low, flat rate pricing on voice, sms and data
  • Works on any unlocked GSM mobile phone

Hopefully the card lives up to the promises!


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