One year to the Big Trip

We’re now only one year away from our April 2014 departure. When I began planning the trip in 2011, it all seemed so far away but it’s getting closer and we still have a lot to do.

The Defender is making good progress. To date, Causeway 4×4 have fitted the following items to the vehicle:
Underbody protection – sump guard, diff guard, steering guard
Rock sliders
Security grilles on rear door and rear/side windows
New Optima batteries
Bonnet and wing top strengtheners
New Exmoor Trim seats
New fan, shroud and thermo couple
New modular wheels and Continental Cross Contact tyres
Solar panel and MPPT regulator
X-Eng split charge unit
Heavy duty drive flanges
New suspension springs
Bilstein gas shocks
Adjustable ball joint on A-frame
Noisekiller sound proofing
Rear worklight
Interior LED lighting
Left-hand drive headlights
12 volt microwave and heater

The vehicle is currently with a carpenter, having a storage unit and sleeping platform constructed in the rear. Once that has been done, it will go back to Causeway so that the following items can be fitted:
Additional fuel tank
Clim-Air deflectors
Coolant alarm
Engel fridge/freezer
Raptor cubby box
X-Eng pedal lock box, gear lock and steering column lock
X-Trouser door catches
Raptor dash with TIM turbo boost and oil pressure gauges, power sockets and new stereo
TIM temperature gauge in standard dash to replace standard temperature gauge
SuperPro bush kit
New lock barrels

The vehicle will be completed in plenty of time for our summer shake-down trip to the Alps. The month in Europe will give us a taste of travelling in the Defender. Once we get back from Europe, there will probably be some more work to the vehicle prior to the big trip, including fitting an Eberspacher heater and a new clutch. I also have to decide whether or not to fit a winch.

I hope to be able to post more photos of the truck soon.

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  1. Looking really good Craig. I wouldn’t bother with a winch unless you going into terrain where you might get stuck and are on your own. It’s more weight which will just increase fuel consumption and need heavier springs, bumper etc etc.

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