Interior Photos of Defender

The carpenter has finished building the storage area and sleeping platform in the back of the Defender and the vehicle is back at Causeway 4×4 for the remaining bits to be fitted. Work is still underway, so the vehicle interior is still a bit junky, but here are some photos.


Above is a pic showing the Raptor dash fitted, with the storage shelf underneath. The dash has TIM boost and oil pressure gauges fitted as well as USB charging sockets, low water warning light and the stereo.


Above is the Engel fridge/freezer which is mounted behind the driver’s seat and under the sleeping platform. It slides-out for access when needed.


Here you can see the Engel when stowed away beneath the sleeping platform.


This photo shows the storage area and sleeping platform as viewed from the rear door. Unfortunately, the Raptor cubby box (seen in the pic) is too long to fit now that the fridge/freezer is installed behind the front seats. I’m currently working on finding a shorter replacement.


Here is the storage space behind the front passenger seat, and beneath the sleeping platform. This is where the water containers will be stored.


The final photo shows the GB-Sol solar panel fitted to the roof. The low-profile of the panel should cause very little drag, if any.

It’s good to see the build coming together. I’m really looking forward to the summer trip so that we can try it out.


  1. Hi Craig – it is great to see your Defender coming together so well after the hardships you experienced with the earlier builder. The Engel on the slide looks sweet! With regards to your water cans I’d suggest looking at the purifying jerry can from or taking at least one of their smaller water bottles.
    All the best! — Regards, Ross

    1. Thanks Ross. Yes, this build has been an entirely different experience compared with the first! I have looked into the Lifesaver water purification systems and find them to be rather expensive. Instead, we’ll be using a steriliser like Milton. Untreated water will be kept in the large jerry cans and treated water will be kept in smaller containers that have built-in taps. We’ll only use treated water for drinking and cooking.

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