Bits and Pieces

With less than four weeks to the Alps trip, its time to sort out a variety of bits and pieces that will be required for the Defender. These include:
Buying a couple of jerry cans for storing water
Buying a jack for the vehicle
Sorting out a tool kit
Putting together a set of spare parts to carry in the vehicle
Buying a portable 12 volt air compressor
Updating the maps in my Garmin GPS
Setting up and testing the Delorme Inreach mapping option

I’ll have a week in England to ensure everything is in place with the Defender before we head across to mainland Europe on the ferry. I expect the next few weeks will pass quickly and I’ll soon be able to get my hands on the Defender!


  1. Nearly ready to rock and roll Craig 🙂 Very envious of and pleased for you. If you want a list of what spares I would take do ask. Have done a few long ones not Europe now and no needed much but there are a few items I would no go without.

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