I’ve Sold My Boat

My boat has become the latest casualty of my planned six-month overland trip as it has just been sold.


Whilst I have sold motorcycles specifically to raise funds for the Land Rover, the sale of the boat was not for fund-raising purposes but was driven by the length of time that I’ll be away. It wouldn’t make sense to leave the boat sitting unattended on a rented mooring for six months whilst I’m on the trip. Once I had made the decision to sell the boat, I realised that I would have a better chance of selling it now, during the summer, than I would in February or March next year.

I thought that the boat market was depressed these days but I advertised the boat on Monday morning and had agreed a sale by Tuesday evening – and I’ve had other enquiries since! I expect to be handing over the keys in the next few days. Sorry to see her go, especially as we are in the middle of the boating season, but it was the right decision. Of course, it won’t hurt to have additional funds in the account for Land Rover and trip expenses!

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