Tracking via DeLorme inReach

If any friends are interested in tracking our location during our upcoming Alps trip, please e-mail or message me to obtain the password.

The URL of the tracking site is and there is a temporary password ‘Test’ that will give you a preview of what you can expect to see (I’ll be changing this to another password in a few days, so only those who I have provided the password to will be able to see our location). I’ve taken the inReach out on a couple of short trips in Bermuda to test it. As the unit only marks a GPS location every 10 minutes, it doesn’t really show you the route, just occasional waypoints. I expect that we’ll see more connected waypoints when the unit is used on longer journeys.

I’ll be picking up the Land Rover on Friday, so I’ll get a better idea of how effective the unit is then.


  1. Hi Craig — I entered your ‘Test’ site and found it interesting to see that your location on Harrington Sound Road (the old Post Office) was next door to where I used to live in the late 1980’s! (I lived at Sound House Gate Cottage).

    I’d be interested in following the progress of your upcoming shake-down trip. I understand if you only have a limited number of access passes. Certainly your family etc should get first pick’ns but if you have any left over I’d certainly enjoy watching from here on Prince Edward Island.

    Regards, Ross

  2. HI Craig… I think it would be interesting to track where you are. I note there is a message option – does that mean you may post messages that can be seen when I log in? All very cool… have a fabulous trip! Carol Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 13:27:35 +0000 To:

  3. Carol, I’ve sent you the new password.

    The inReach will allow me to send texts and e-mails to anyone, via satellite, so we’ll be able to reassure family/friends that we’re OK, or send for help! Viewers to the MapShare won’t see those messages.

    However, whenever we have wi-fi access, we’ll be posting updates to the blog and sharing them on Facebook, so you’ll be able to get regular updates (hopefully).

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