Loading up the Defender


After a few days in England, I’ve now picked up all of the extra ‘stuff’ that I wanted for the trip. The challenge has been to fit it all into the Defender.

Simon has done a terrific job on the carpentry work, creating side storage lockers above the wheel arches and a primary storage space under the sleeping platform. I’ve been able to store all of the tools and spare parts in the left-side locker and all of the oils, fluids, and miscellaneous supplies in the right side locker. That left the main storage area for the camping equipment, food, and assorted bits. After several attempts at arranging the equipment, I think I’ve found a good solution.

Despite trying to keep things to a minimum, I still don’t have Room in the main storage area for our luggage, so that will have to be secured in the upper area with the mattresses.


  1. Hi Craig – Great to see your posts from the UK and to follow you on the delorme page.

    It looks like you should get a dowel, stick or broom handle & install a hook on the end. It could make it easier to access the bins you have pushed to the back of the storage area under the bed. On this trip are you going to sleep in the Defender or just in your tent?

  2. Hi Ross, I thought about a broom handle with a hook but I find that I can reach the Wolf boxes without a problem, and they slide easily on the carpet. I do need to get a stick or broom handle to prop open the rear door though, when I’m parked on an angle.

    The first option will always be sleeping in the tent, in which case the mattresses will be transferred to the tent. However, there may be occasions when we opt to sleep in the truck for convenience (late arriving at a destination) or safety reasons (in bear country).

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