X-Eng Security Products

I have previously posted information about the X-Eng security products that I purchased for the Defender. Now that I have been driving the Defender for a week, I can report on the items.

The X-Defend Column is a fit and forget item. The guys at Causeway 4×4 found that, once the steering column lock was fitted, the ignition key wouldn’t fit into the ignition. The shoulders of the ignition key had to be ground back so that the key would fit. However, now that the key fits, the steering column protection is permanently in place.

The X-Defend Pedal Lock is a very nice piece of kit. There were a few challenges installing it because of the Noise Killer sound proofing that is fitted to the floor of the Defender. However, now that it is fitted, it is very easy to use. When driving, the device is folded down to the floor, under the floor Mat. When required, the floor mat is removed and the lock is pushed up to lock onto the clutch pedal. Once in place, it prevents any access to the brake, clutch or accelerator pedals. The photos show the device in the deployed and folded positions.

The gear lock presented an initial challenge as I couldn’t initially work out how to fit it to the gear sticks. Once I accessed the online instructions, I was able to fit the lock. The lock is supposed to lock the gear lever to the hi-lo lever whilst in fifth high gear. I couldn’t get the lock to secure in fifth gear, but in third gear, it was easy.

I now find it a quick and easy process to fit the gear lock and the pedal box lock when securing the Defender for the night. The devices provide a lot of peace of mind and should slow down any attempt at stealing the Defender.



  1. Great Post, thank you. Is there any reason why the floor mat won’t fold up with the pedal lock (so you don’t have to remove it each time?)

    1. I didn’t try it. But the floor mat is wider than the pedal lock, so I don’t think the device would be lockable with the mat protruding out of both sides. As you can see from the photo, the pedal lock fits flush at each side, so no space for a mat to protrude. It was a simple process to remove the mat, close the pedal lock and then put the mat back on the floor.

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