No Air-beds on this Trip


We’re sleeping in style on this trip. No air-beds and no Thermarests to inflate and deflate.

We have a pair of custom made memory foam mattresses, along with our memory foam pillows, to help ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. They are very comfortable and are sized so that they fit neatly in the back of the Defender. Just lift them out of the truck and place them in the tent and they are good to go.


  1. I can imagine the mattresses in the tent makes for a very comfortable sleep. That said, as part of your shake down trip you probably should try both sleeping in the Defender just to experience the more confined space and all that entails. Is the platform low enough (+ roof high enough) to allow you to sit up on the mattress? I imagine its pretty tight.

    I’m glad you’re having a great trip! In a couple of weeks I’m off to Newfoundland for a camping trip.

  2. Ross, sleeping inside the Defender would mean crawling in (probably from the front seats). Definitely no room to sit up. This would be an emergency sleeping arrangement only.

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