Pretty Decent Fuel Mileage

i filled the dual fuel tanks with diesel in Luxembourg and had to refill them today, as I was almost out of fuel.

Today, I filled up with 76.73 liters of diesel (cost of 145 Swiss Francs).  That means that the previous 76.73 liters managed to get me a total of 675 miles, so now I have an idea of my driving distance between fuel stops.

Anyway, 76.73 liters equates to 20.27 gallons, so that works out about 33 miles per gallon. I am mindful that this calculation is subject to the inaccuracy of the Defender speedo/odometer , but it is a good general indicator.

I thought I’d get less miles per gallon, so I am happy with this. This fuel consumption was achieved doing a combination of motorway driving (sticking to about 55mph) and a lot of mountain road driving (Steep ascents/descents, often in 2nd gear, and a lot of shifts up and down the gear-box).


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