The Bier Tasting Tour Continues…..

Wieselburger Bier
Wieselburger Bier
Konig Ludwig Dunkel Bier
Konig Ludwig Dunkel Bier
Stiegl Weisse Bier
Stiegl Weisse Bier

Having left Appenzell behind, with its very nice Appenzeller Bier, it is only fair that I try some of what Austria has to offer!

I found this Wieselburger Bier in the nearby Spa supermarket and had to give it a try – I’m a sucker for those stopper-top bottles! tt is quite nice.

Then, because of poor wi-fi reception at the tent, I moved to the reception building where wi-fi is much better. May as well try a couple more beers whilst there, right?

First up was the Stiegl Weisse bier. Very nice. Just before reception closed for the night (9.00pm), I bought the Konig Ludwig Dunkel dark beer. Not bad, but I prefer the lighter colored beers.

Now, I came to reception for the better wi-fi, so that I could plan tomorrow’s sightseeing, but all I seem to have done is buy beer and write about it (and drink it, of course). How did that happen?

I know that the quality of the photos drops off the more I drank. I’m blaming it on failing light. You can blame it on whatever you like!

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