Almost 3,000 miles covered

Between 28th July (when I collected Michele from Gatwick) and today, when we arrived at Crawley, we have covered 2,906 miles. That averages out at 111 miles per day.

The current route for the six-month trip averages 150 miles per day. Based on the experience of this trip, 150 miles is too much for a daily average. As I can’t extend the trip beyond the six-month period, I need to adjust the route to reduce the overall mileage. I’m thinking that the average daily mileage for the big trip should be no more than 100 miles per day, as we will have some rough terrain to cover.

Looks like I have to chop out a few countries from the itinerary! I already have some ideas, so I’ll have to start playing with the route to see what I can come up with.


  1. Sounds like good sound planning Craig. I am just reading a book called ‘Overlanding’ by Tim English and I am sure you too will experience unplanned delays as well as vehicle issues so not pushing too tight a schedule is sensible.

  2. Thanks John. Whilst driving 150 miles per day might not be too taxing, I don’t want to be breaking camp everyday and driving. I want to be able to spend a few days in interesting places, just as we did on this trip. Every non-travelling day adds to the mileage for the day when we do drive, so a three day layover means a 450 mile drive to keep on schedule.

    This trip has been very useful in a number of ways with respect to the major trip next year and some adjustments will be made as a result.

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