Crew Change

After participating in the two-week 2012 camping trip and the four-week 2013 Alps trip, Michele has decided to withdraw from the 2014 Central Asia adventure. She has decided that five months of camping would be too much for her. I’m sorry that she won’t get to experience the adventure with me, but that is one of the benefits of the shorter shake-down trips – they test the participants as well as the equipment. It’s better for Michele to decide now that she won’t enjoy such a long trip, rather than making the decision part way through the big trip.

I already had a reserve waiting in the wings – hoping that he might get an opportunity to participate. My friend Klaus will now replace Michele for the bulk of the trip. He hasn’t had the benefit of the shake-down trips but he is well-travelled and at least he’s seen the Defender and knows what he will be travelling in for several months.

My wife, Bev, will take over from Klaus for the last 2-3 weeks of the trip, when we will visit Italy and France and stay in more luxurious accommodation. She doesn’t like to camp!


  1. Ha ha, just sent Carol into shock. I read out your post and replaced Klaus’s name with mine. Would be a good trip but not a chance.

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