‘Nightmare’ Gets a Reprieve

I’m pleased to see that ‘Nightmare’ has been given a reprieve and has a new lease on life.

After all of the bits that we needed had been stripped from it, the sorry remnants of ‘Nightmare’ were sold. The vehicle was considered to be beyond economical repair as a roadworthy vehicle and was destined to be broken for parts. Then an army mechanic bought it as a project and has been rapidly been stripping and rebuilding it.

I have just read an account of the work that has been done so far, and the vehicle is close to being MOT’d and put back on the road. The new owner found a variety of issues but has ‘soldiered on’ and brought the Defender back to life.

I’m even more dismayed, if that is possible, at the pile of junk that Colin James Patterson sold to me as an overland vehicle – it is clear that it wouldn’t have even got me to the ferry. It was in  a terrible state.

I wish the new owner the best of luck and am glad to see that it has been rescued.


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  1. Even though a nightmare it wasn’t the vehicles fault so what a good result the a reprieve has been given to another Landrover. Wonderful. 🙂

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