Wyeth-Scott Hand Winch

Another addition to the vehicle kit purchased today – a hand winch made by the Wyeth-Scott Company.

I opted not to have an electric winch fitted to the front of the Defender, thereby eliminating the significant additional weight that a winch places on the front of the vehicle. However, having some type of winch as part of the recovery gear would still be helpful if it could be achieved with less weight and less space. The answer is a hand-operated winch that can be stored inside the vehicle. Prior to making the purchase, I looked at the highly regarded Tirfor hand winches and compared them to the models made by Wyeth-Scott. The Tirfor winches are both heavier and bulkier than the Wyeth-Scott models so, with weight and space being prime considerations for overlanding, I decided to buy a Wyeth-Scott winch (see https://www.wyeth-scott.com/index.asp)

Wyeth-Scott hand winch
Wyeth-Scott hand winch

The model that I bought is the 2-20-A-SLT. It comes fitted with 20 feet of Amsteel Blue synthetic rope. It can deadlift 2 tons (4,000lbs) and can drag/pull 4 tons (8,000lbs or 3,628 kilograms). The weight of the winch is only 22.6lbs (10.25kg). It is also well priced at $270 with shipping costs to the UK being $112. I’m hoping that its small size will allow me to store it underneath the driver’s seat.

Wyeth-Scott winch
Wyeth-Scott winch

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