Travel Vaccinations

I commenced my travel vaccinations for the 2014 trip today – another sign that the departure date is getting closer.

The doctor at the travel clinic recommended vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid. My Hep A and Tetanus shots were still valid, so I just needed to get the Typhoid shot today.

I’d previously done my own research into health problems in the region and learned that Tick-Borne Encaphalitis (TBE) is endemic in Central and eastern Europe and a risk for those visiting rural areas where they may be exposed to ticks that carry the virus. The most common vaccine for TBE is FSME-IMMUN, made by Baxter in Austria. This is the only TBE vaccine that is licensed in the UK and is sold under the trade name Ticovac. More information can be found using this link –

The travel clinic in Bermuda doesn’t have this vaccine in stock, as it has never been requested. It has now been specially ordered for me and I should be able to commence the vaccination programme in about a month. A full course of vaccines consists of six injections, the third being administered at least six months after the first. The delay in obtaining the vaccine will mean that I can only get two of the vaccinations before I commence the trip. Fortunately, this will be sufficient for short-term protection (at least 90% protection). I’ll be able to get the third vaccination after the trip is over should I wish to do so.


  1. Hi,

    Travel Vaccination is one of the best prevention against many diseases. There are many vaccinations that are helpful in prevent from many diseases but Ticovac is one of the best vaccinations for the some general disease like flue and etc. It is one of the best and trusted brand and also licensed medicine that available in all country. So, this vaccination is very helpful and many medical center carry this vaccination for the treatment.

    1. Thanks. Both of us are in the process of getting the Ticovac vaccine for TBE. I only had enough time to fit in two vaccinations before the trip but Klaus is getting the full course of three shots.

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