X-Eng X-Brake

Another purchase to upgrade the Defender. I’ve just bought an X-Brake by X-Eng, a disc handbrake to replace the stock Land Rover transmission brake ( handbrake).

The stock handbrake works well in good conditions but it has a reputation for poor performance in muddy conditions. Once mud gets inside the standard transmission brake, it can apparently become virtually useless. As I expect to be driving in muddy conditions, particularly in Mongolia, I want to ensure that I have an effective handbrake.

At 260 GB pounds, the X-Brake is not cheap, but they have a strong reputation. In fact, all of the X-Eng products are well designed and well made. This is just the latest X-Eng product to be fitted to my Defender. I already have three of the X-Defend security products fitted as well as the X-Tendoor door extenders and the X-Trouser door strikers.

Stock image of the X-Brake
Stock image of the X-Brake

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