Ticovac Vaccine

I was able to get my first Ticovac shot today to vaccinate against Siberian Tick Borne Encephalitis (TBE) . The second shot can be administered anytime within 1-3 months after the first. There should be a third shot between 6-12 months after the first, but there won’t be enough time to get that before I travel. Fortunately, the first two shots provide temporary vaccination with 90% protection.

I tried to initiate the TBE vaccinations six month before departure but the vaccine wasn’t available in Bermuda. Nobody has ever asked for it before! As a result, the clinic had to research the vaccine options as well as identify a source from which to purchase the vaccine. That process took two months, restricting me to only being able to get the first two shots before travel. I’ll be able to get the third shot after the trip to give me the full protection for any future trips.

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