Vehicle Insurance Sorted

As I don’t reside in the UK, vehicle insurance seems to be an annual challenge. Last year, I was able to obtain annual insurance cover but the policy came with a maximum of 5,000 miles. Whilst that was sufficient for last year, it doesn’t come close to the mileage we’ll be doing this year (at least 20,000 miles). The 2013 insurer couldn’t offer a policy  this year that included more mileage, so I was back to searching for insurance cover.

Some enquiries were made but I was unable to find an insurer that would give me annual cover. Fortunately, I was aware of the Herts Insurance Company Walkabout Policy that is specifically geared to people travelling overseas in motor vehicles. After a few calls to Herts, I have been able to secure one of their Walkabout policies for the six-month duration of the trip.

The Walkabout policy covers me, fully comprehensive, for up to 50,000 miles over a six-month period. It covers me for all of the European countries we’ll be driving through, as far east as Ukraine (albeit the cover is reduced to third-party for some restricted countries e.g. Ukraine, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Montenegro). The cover does not extend to Russia and Central Asia, so additional insurance cover will have to be purchased at the borders for those countries.

The downside is the cost of the Walkabout policy – 987 pounds ($1,652) for six-months of cover. But when it is all that is available, there is no choice!

Hopefully, once we get back, I’ll be able to resume annual cover with the previous insurer, with a 5,00 mile limit.

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