Visas Obtained

My passport was returned today, containing visas for Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The total cost for the visas was 707 GBP (about $1,176). More than 50% of the cost was for the one-year multiple entry Russian business visa. Certainly not cheap, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want to do the route we have selected.

The only outstanding visa is for Uzbekistan but I’ll have to apply for that once we’re in Kyrgyzstan. Once issued, entry to the country must occur within 90 days and the window was just too tight to be able to get the visa issued before the start of the trip. The rules must be different for German nationals, as Klaus was able to get his Uzbek visa further in advance.

My three visas, plus the Russian Letter of Invitation, were all handled by the visa agency Go To Russia located in England. Visa Services Manager Elena Trankarova was extremely helpful throughout the process and kept me informed of progress. Payment was simple, using Paypal and each visa was billed separately. When I first began to make enquiries, Elena answered all of my questions and helped to demystify what initially seemed to be a confusing process. Her helpful answers are what convinced me to get my visas through Go To Russia.

I can recommend Elena and Go To Russia for any UK citizen seeking visas for Russia and Central Asia.

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