Moving East

We continue to gradually make our way east through Russia. This morning we left the city of Perm in pouring rain and made our way to Yekaterinburg (7 hour journey). This is just a convenient overnight location as we make our way to the city of Tobolsk, which is still 620km away.

Tomorrow’s leg will probably cover about 400km and should take us past Tyumen, where we’ll look for a suitable camping spot. The weather is finally breaking and the daily lows are climbing above freezing. Hopefully we can now fit in more camping and less hotels.

After the camping near Tyumen, we’ll drive the final leg to Tobolsk where the Defender will get a service (or at least an oil change). Total mileage for the trip to Yekaterinburg is 4,652 miles (7,486km), so we’re rapidly closing in on the 5,000 mile service mark. By comparison, New York to Los Angeles is about 2,781 miles

The new battery seems to have fixed the problem we were having previously, so that’s good news.

We’ve had to adjust to a new time zone, as we jumped forward two hours once we reached Perm. That means we are now nine hours ahead of Bermuda time, which makes live-time communication with home quite difficult. We’ve got about three more weeks, and three more time zones, in Russia before we make it to  Mongolia.

We’ve been making some adjustments to the itinerary, as we try to keep the daily driving period within 6-7 hours. We’re finding that, when the roads are reasonably good, we average about 50kph over the journey, including brief stops for fuel, bathroom, lunch, etc. So a daily distance of between 300-350km is about right, as my back begins to ache after about 5-6 hours!

For the first 23 days of the trip, since leaving Bridgwater, we’re averaging 202 miles per day (325km per day). Overall, the projected average for the entire trip is 150 miles per day. So, we’re banging in longer mileage early in the trip as we make our way to Mongolia. From that point on, the daily mileage will likely drop as we spend more time exploring the places we visit. So the longer driving days now are worthwhile, knowing that we’ll have some shorter days further into the trip.



  1. Hey Craig, enjoying following you on your epic journey, from the comfort of Bermuda! Safe travels you two, Keith Senior.

    1. Thanks Mark. When we used to sit next to each other in Geography class at Riddings, we couldn’t have imagined that we’d both be embarking on these journeys (you on Cygnus3 and me in the Land Rover), but maybe there was a speck of inspiration in those classes.

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