Oil and Filters

We have learned the value of carrying vehicle consumables with us, such as oil filters and fuel filters. I didn’t expect the same to be true of engine oil.

Oil filters and fuel filters are part of the supply of parts that we carry in the Defender. Without the oil filters, we would have struggled to get an oil change done, as none of the local garages stock anything suitable. Two garages have initially declined to do an oil change until I explained that they don’t need to supply a filter. Once I have been able to show that I have the filter, they have been happy to do the oil change. The labour cost for performing the oil change was only 450 rubles (approximately $13). The cost for changing a fuel filter was only 250 rubles.

I have a list of Land Rover service centres from an online directory and thought that we’d be able to utilise official Land Rover centres for any servicing requirements. That has proven more difficult than expected. The list is out of date and we have already found that several of the listed businesses are no longer using the same address or phone numbers.

We brought along 4 litres of 15W-40 semi synthetic engine oil to use to top off the oil, as needed. We didn’t bring oil in larger quantities, as we were sure we’d be able to buy engine oil in most countries. Whilst engine oil is readily available, we have been unable to locate the preferred 15W-40 semi synthetic. We have had to choose between 15W-40 mineral oil, or 10W-40 semi-synthetic. We’ve gone with the 10W-40 semi-synthetic but the thiner viscosity seems to be causing problems with the oil pressure gauge.

We are now checking available oil at the various fuel stations we visit. Should we find 15W-40 semi-synthetic at any of them, we’ll be buying a supply and carrying it with us.


  1. Doesnt make sense re oil presure Craig as the 10w or 15w is the cold cranking oil viscocity? So the 40 hot oil viscosity should be the same. perhaps it will settle? Fingers crossed.

    1. We’re puzzled John. The Castro, Magnatec has now been replaced by Mobil 10W40 and the oil pressure gauge is acting the same. We’re pressing on and ignoring the gauge for now.

  2. 10w40 is used more commonly because of the low winter temperatures in Russia where the lower viscosity is recommended .Try a Toyota garage for 15w40 possibly.

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