Russian Road Hazards

On Thursday 8th May, we had a 380km drive from Krasnoyarsk to Taishet/Tayshet, along the M23 highway. Whilst the day was pretty uneventful, I thought I’d share a couple of video clips to give you an idea what the roads can be like in Russia.

The M23 is the main road through Siberia. In places, it can be a very good road and then, minutes later, it can be like a construction site. One minute you’re trundling along at 85kph and the next your scraping through the dust and pot-holes at 20kph.

The first video clip shows a good stretch of road, but even when the road condition is good and the tarmac is smooth, you have to watch out for potential hazards – such as a cow crossing the road in front of you!

Cow in Road Video

The second video clip is from the same road, only 20 minutes after the first. You’ll see how much the condition of the road has deteriorated. The road itself is a hazard to be negotiated, due to the rough surface and pot-holes. It also doesn’t help when you drive around a bend to find three large trucks coming towards you, side-by-side and filling the road.

Rough Road Video

Hopefully they give you an idea of the road conditions we’re facing each day.






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