Russian Villages

In previous posts, I have commented on how modern and well-equipped some of the Russian cities are. That modernisation doesn’t appear to have spread to the many rural villages that we pass on a daily basis, as we drive east on the M23 highway.

Most of the villages seem to have the majority of houses concentrated along both sides of the highway, with very few minor roads extending off the highway. Most of the houses are the traditional small wooden structures with corrugated roofs. It is not unusual to see village wells and water pumps, with villagers filling up plastic containers with water from them. This causes me to assume that some of the homes do not have running water. In addition to the wooden houses, there is often some type of small convenience store in the village and sometimes a church, a school or a fuel station.

To give you an idea of the types of villages that we pass through, here is a short video clip from my dashboard camera. It is a village that we passed through on Friday 9th May, en-route to Irkutsk.

Video of Russian Village

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