Going Solo

Klaus and I are now in Bishkek, but at different accommodations. Klaus will be flying back to Berlin in a couple of days and I am continuing the trip alone.

Travelling overland has been known to ruin marriages and long-term relationships – such is the pressure/stress that overlanding creates! Travelling for many hours together, cooped up in a noisy vehicle, can create its own stresses. Add two dominant personalities into the mix and the tensions can increase significantly. We’ve had a few personality clashes during the two-months (or so) that we’ve been travelling and have tried to work through them. In the end, the conflicts were spoiling the mood and the fun. By mutual agreement, we decided to part ways.

We knew that this was a possibility when we agreed to travel together, and we agreed early on that if things weren’t going well, I would get Klaus to a city with an airport and would continue alone.

We’ve had some good times together and seen some cool places, but we were getting on each other’s nerves too much, so pulling the plug was the right decision under the circumstances.

I’ll be finishing the trip alone, which won’t be an issue for an introvert like me!

Klaus with eagle and his traditional Kyrgyz hat
Klaus with eagle and his traditional Kyrgyz hat

Farewell Klaus and very best wishes!

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