Nomad’s Home

I’m spending a few days at Nomad’s Home, a guest-house in Bishkek that is popular with overlanders. I initially booked in for a bed in the dorm but the bed was very hard, so I upgraded to the yurt in the garden. The yurt can sleep three but I have it to myself. And the bed is very comfortable. Now, if I could just do something about the neighbour’s rooster that start’s crowing at 4.15am 🙂

Garden yurt - my home for a couple of days
Garden yurt – my home for a couple of days
Inside the yurt
Inside the yurt

Whilst in Bishkek, I need to obtain a visa for Uzbekistan. The manager at Nomads called the embassy today for me to make an appointment and the earliest available is on Friday. So I’m here at Nomad’s until at least Friday.

I also had to find a new power cable for my Macbook Air, having mistakenly left mine in the hotel in Karakol (the other option was driving back to Karakol to pick mine up). Anyway, I found an Apple Store in the Bishkek Park Mall on Kievskaya today (equivalent of $100), so I can now charge my laptop again. I still need to find a converter/adaptor so that I can plug the local style plug into my 110 US-style inverter.

I’ve also begun looking at the possibility of buying another tent. The four-man tent that I have was great for two people, with a bedroom each, but it’s a bit too much for one person. It will be a bit of a struggle to take it down single-handed. Hopefully I’ll find a decent two-man tent in town before I leave.

And the hot weather is here! Driving around Bishkek with the windows down, vents open and sun-roof open is still hot and sticky. And it will probably be getting hotter in the coming weeks. Might have to unpack my shorts very soon.


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