Mongolia Videos

When I was in Mongolia, I pulled some video clips from my dashboard camera and said I’d upload them when I got a decent wifi connection. Well, I just got a very good wifi connection! It’s taken a while, but here are some clips of off-road driving in Mongolia.

An example of the dirt roads in Mongolia. In this clip, I’m following a couple of guided-tour vans on a dirt road – Click here

Water crossing. In this clip, I come across a stream that blocks the road and some locals in a car are already surveying the scene. I take a look myself and select a place to cross. The water is not deep but the banks are fairly steep on either side. Click here

Another water crossing. In fact, I think this was the first water I crossed in Mongolia. I needed to get across this to reach a Buddhist monastery. The water isn’t deep but there is some mud in the vicinity. Click here

In this clip, I’m driving from the White Lake. The dirt road has pot-holes filled with water and then I come across a short section of packed snow that I have to drive across. Click here

They are fairly short clips, but they give you a little idea of some of the driving conditions in Mongolia. I wish I was back there 🙂



    1. John, it’s the Vicovation TF2. There’s a post on the blog about it. I’ve been very happy with it. Once it is attached you just forget it, as it records constantly on a loop. If anything happens that you want to keep footage of, you pull it off that night before it gets recorded over.

    1. There is no sound on the clips. The camera is set to ‘mute’. It is running constantly whenever the ignition is turned on, so I didn’t want to capture idle chit-chat on the footage. Of course, now that I’m travelling solo there’s much less chit-chat!

      1. Ah, thank, thought it might have been an issue with me. I think you need some sound though to really enhance the video, I always like to hear the engine etc on onboard videos especially when crossing obstacles. Mind you I understand why you wouldn’t want it on all the time 🙂

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