Croatia Camping

Just over four hours of driving today from Travnik in Bosnia to the Korana Campsite in Croatia. The border crossing was a breeze, with only about three cars in line in front of me.

The campsite is about 6km from the gate of the Plitvice Lakes National Park (National Park website), which will be my sightseeing destination for tomorrow. I’m scheduled to spend two nights here but I’m ahead of schedule and have two extra days to play with. If I enjoy the park tomorrow, I may extend my stay here.

Korana is a large campsite and visitors get to drive around and select whichever location they wish to camp. For me, it was a toss up between selecting a pitch with a view or one with shade. As the Defender (solar panel) needs the sun to keep the fridge battery charged, I opted for the view.

Tent with a view
Tent with a view

One of the first tasks at camp was to do a load of laundry (hand-wash). Rather than try to string up a washing line, I figured the quickest way to dry the laundry was to lay it out on the Defender bonnet/hood and roof. You could fry an egg on the bonnet, so drying t-shirts isn’t going to take long.

Clothes dryer - T-shirts on the bonnet and underwear on the roof!
Clothes dryer – T-shirts on the bonnet and underwear on the roof!

There is a swimming hole in the valley below the campsite. The river has been dammed at one end, creating a shallow lake. The grassy bank is used for sunbathing and the lake for swimming (and the kids jump off the bridge).

Sunbathing and swimming in the lake below the campsite
Sunbathing and swimming in the lake below the campsite
The bridge over the lake
The bridge over the lake

The days are numbered for the solo-segment of my trip . I have two days here and two days in Pula (Croatia). Then I cross the border into Slovenia for two days in Ljubljana and two days in Bled. Along the way I’ll add in the two extra days I have to play with. Then I cross into Italy to meet Bev in Verona. Whilst the solo segment may be coming to an end, I still have another month of travel with Bev.

I’ve really enjoyed travelling solo for the past two months or so. It’s really nice to be able to just do what you want and go where you want without having to worry about anyone else. It’s a great way to travel but I’m looking forward to changing things up a bit for the final month in Italy, France and England. The tent will be packed away as we’ll be staying in hotels, guesthouses and a rented apartment and, for the most part, the daily driving distances will be shorter. But we’ll be visiting some nice places and Bev and I travel well together, so it’s going to be fun.

But I’ve still got ten days of solo travel to enjoy before then!


  1. Now you have virtually become a Landrover hermit, are you going to cope having to talk to someone for a whole day? Lol.

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