Motorcycling in Asia

My next adventure trip has been booked. I’m heading to South-East Asia for a total of almost six weeks, where I’ll do some motorcycle touring.

I leave Bermuda on Boxing Day (26th December) for the long flight to Bangkok, Thailand. In January I’ll be doing a 10 day tour of the Golden Triangle region of Thailand and an 11-day tour of the Angkor Wat region of Cambodia. Both tours will be with Asian Motorcycle Adventures – I’ll also be squeezing in visits to Luang Prabang (Laos) and Hanoi (Vietnam), where I may rent a bike and do some sightseeing.

I opted for guided motorcycle tours in Thailand and Cambodia rather than planning my own itinerary. I have limited vacation time for the trip, so having an established itinerary with the support of the tour company makes sense.

I’ve visited Thailand before, but Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam will be first-time visits for me. It’s gonna be fun!


  1. Hi Bermuda Rover,

    Sounds like a great trip, Don’t know if you remember us we followed you around Europe then through Ukraine before entering Russia. We then went on through Mongolia into China, and you went into the Stan’s. Our web site is (Dave & Lesley) anyway we are almost living full time in Thailand just outside Pattaya south of Bangkok and we travel a lot in the countries you are planning to visit so if you need any info just ask, in fact we are going to make a similar trip this August. North Thailand in to Laos then in to Cambodia before returning to Thailand.

    We are also in the process of building a purpose built Overlander Stop on land next to our house that should be complete before the end of 2015, is the web site but I have only just sent the first info to the people building the site today so not very much on it yet.
    Anyway keep in contact and have a great trip.maybe we will meet in Thailand.

    Dave & Lesley

  2. I cannot wait. I learned a lot from your last tour, Many of the countries I have never visited and probably will not have the opportunity. Your tour and the way you write reallly makes it seem as if I am there.

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