Mad Max Gear

In preparation for my motorcycle tours in Thailand and Cambodia, I have recently purchased some new protective gear, in line with the recommendations of the tour operator.

A good helmet, boots and gloves are normal safety gear for any motorcycle trip. However, for riding in Thailand and Cambodia, the tour operator strongly recommends body armour and shin/knee pads – something I haven’t bought or worn before.

The gear just arrived and, as I tried it on, Bev told me that I looked like something out of Mad Max!

The new gear includes:

  • Shoei RF-1200 helmet
  • Sidi Discovery Rain boots
  • Thor Impact Rig SE 2014 body armour
  • Thor Force knee and shin guards
  • Alpinestars GP Plus gloves
  • Fly Patrol riding pants/trousers

I can’t help but wonder how much room will be left in my luggage for clothing, once the riding gear has been packed!

Trying on the new riding gear
Trying on the new riding gear


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