Packing Light

I’ve spent part of Christmas Day packing my luggage, ready for tomorrow’s departure. Considering that I’ll be away for over five weeks, I’ve had to pack very lightly when it comes to clothing.

Most of the space in my luggage is taken up by motorcycle gear: full-face helmet, boots, body armour, knee & shin guards, gloves, riding pants and motocross-type shirts. Once the riding gear was packed, there was very little left for non-riding clothing and toiletries.

All of the riding gear is packed – not much room for clothing

The only clothing that I am packing is:

  • pair of long pants
  • handful of t-shirts
  • underwear and socks
  • A couple of fleece pullovers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Cap and buff
  • Swim shorts
  • Flip-flops

Along with the jeans, sneakers and fleece that I’ll be wearing on the plane, these items will have to hold me for the duration of the trip – unless I buy additional stuff whilst I’m over there.

Clothing for five weeks

My carry-on backpack will hold other essentials such as Macbook Air, iPad, iPod, camera, various chargers and connecting cables, antimalarials and antibiotics, neck pillow, journal and guidebook.

Tomorrow will be an exhaustive travel day involving over 28 hours of travel time. My flying time adds up to 21.5 hours (including the 16 hour flight from New York to Hong Kong) and I’ll have an additional 7 hours sitting around in airports waiting for flights. I’ll need a couple of days of R&R in Bangkok to recover from the journey!

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