Tuk Tuks and Temples

I don’t know how I am still functioning, but I’m waiting for a delayed reaction when the sleepiness hits. After over 26 hours of travel time, with less than 3 hours of sleep on the plane, I left Bangkok Airport at 1.00am Monday 28th. I’d left Bermuda about 10.00am Saturday, so the time-difference made it seem like I’d travelled forward in time by a day.

It was after 2.00am when I got to my hotel – still wide awake. So I went for a massage (less than $10), thinking that would send me to sleep. Nope! I went to bed at 4.00am and was wide awake again at 7.30am.

Up bright and early, I decided to visit a few temples after breakfast. I used a variety of transportation options, including the SkyTrain, water taxi, tuk-tuk, and river express boat. I went to several temples, of various sizes, including the large Grand Palace.

Tuk tuks awaiting passengers
A tuk tuk, metered taxis and motorcycle taxis at a busy intersection
Water taxi approaches the Tha Saphan Hua Chang pier on the canal
Onboard the water taxi
Touching the bell for luck
The Standing Buddha (105 feet tall) at Wat Intharawihan.
More Buddhas
Climbing the 344 steps up to Wat Saket – the Temple of the Golden Mount
Buddha covered in gold leaf, applied by visitors
Fierce looking dude at the Grand Palace
On guard at the Grand Palace
DSC00307 (1)
Holding up a stupa at the Grand Palace
The huge Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
Busy cook at a little roadside place where I ate lunch
Chicken and noodle lunch for less than $2
Boat looking for passengers on the Chao Phraya River

There are over 400 temples in Bangkok. I saw several today and am now ‘templed-out’ for a while. I’ll have to find some other attractions to visit tomorrow.



  1. Craig, this is amazing. I can only imagine how this looks other than from the pictures you have posted. The walk way to the temple on the mount seems even more interesting. Was the walkway covered with trees and foliage the entire way. The noodles do look good. Are the fork and spoon normal size. If they are that’s a serious meal for 2 dollars. Looking forward to the next post. Hope you get some rest

  2. Glad that you made it over safely and are enjoying the delights of a wonderful part of the Far East – such a fascinating part of the world. I wish there was a ‘smell function’ so that I could get all the aromas too!. Looking forward to following your travels!

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