Hanoi New Year

Happy New Year from Hanoi!


The Old Quarter was really rocking tonight. It seemed like the whole of the city had come out to party. There were throngs of people everywhere.

There were a couple of areas with large New Year Countdown parties, with big screens and lights. I got to one of them around 10.00pm and it was already packed out and rocking. See the video below to get an idea.


There was a great atmosphere and everyone was having fun. However, the crowd packed out the road from wall to wall so there was a lot of pushing and shoving as people tried to get through the crowd. It was a pickpocket paradise. After enjoying the show for a while, I moved onto the side streets where things were busy but less crowded. The video below shows one of the side street areas.


A post-midnight snack from a street vendor. A Vietnamese version of satay sticks – grilled meat on a stick with a chili sauce on top. Excellent!
I even got to try my hand at wafting the coals on the grill







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