Hanoi to Siem Reap

I’ve now said goodbye to Vietnam and have made it safely to Cambodia, ready for the next leg of my journey.

Last night, I had a final walk around the Old Quarter of Hanoi and had my last sampling of Vietnamese street food. This time, it was like a table-top barbecue or stir fry. A little burner is set up on the street-side table and the beef and veggies are loaded onto some foil above the flame. Then you’re on your own to cook dinner. Quite nice.

Beef and veggies loaded and ready to cook
After a bit of stir-frying

Whilst in Hanoi, I realised that the Ogio backpack that I brought with me was not spacious enough. I need to be able to pack enough stuff to hold me for a couple of days and the Ogio will struggle, so I picked up a North Face bag from one of the local shops for less than $20 (I’m assuming it is a Chinese knock-off). But it will hold more gear than the Ogio, which I left behind in the Hanoi hotel. Perhaps one of the staff members can get some use out of it.

Out with the old. In with the new.

I needed two flights to get to Cambodia, both with Lao Airlines in a turbo prop. The first one hour flight got me to Luang Prabang in Laos and then a second flight of just less than two hours got me to Siem Reap.

Mountains protrude up through the clouds as we approach Siem Reap

Dave from Kickstart met me at the airport and we shared a tuk-tuk ride to my hotel. If any of you think that I’m roughing it on this trip, you are decidedly wrong. Take a look at the photos below of the Moon Residence Hotel where I’m staying. Very nice place. Oh – they also throw in a complimentary one-hour massage. Thank you very much!

My room at the Moon Residence Hotel, Siem Reap
There’s a bath in the main room and a shower in the bathroom


The hotel bar and restaurant, overlooking the pool
The hotel pool

My motorcycle tour doesn’t commence until Wednesday, so I have this evening and a day-off tomorrow to explore Siem Reap. I think I’ll start with a couple of beers by the pool 🙂



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