Honeycomb with Bee Larvae

This evening provided another interesting stop on my local food tasting journey.

With my motorcycle trip set to start tomorrow morning, Dave and La from Kickstart Dirt Bike Adventures took me out for dinner at an authentic Cambodian restaurant in Siem Reap.

We had several tasty dishes during the meal, but the highlight came as the last dish of the evening. Honeycomb, cooked with the bee larvae still inside, served wrapped in a banana leaf.

Honeycomb with bee larvae

Willing to try most foods once, I happily tucked into this delicacy and found it to be quite tasty. There was nothing ‘squishy’ when eating the bee larvae. In fact, I dare say that if you were to eat it without knowing what it was, you wouldn’t assume that it was any type of insect larvae. Between the three of us, we ate it all up. Nice! I’d happily eat it again.


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  1. You are certainly having culinary experiences worthy of an episode of “Bizarre Foods.” I’m jealous! Your photos are great. Good luck on the motorcycle trip.

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